Vladislav Filev: SuperJet will be "the problem child"

Source: Site "dp.ru" : 26.09.2007, 14:58 <http: // www.dp.ru/>

Translated by Igor Cherkasov, ACRE.

The company "Civil airplanes of Sukhoi" expects to sell till 2024 about 800 copies of new liner SSJ-100 presentation of a pre-production model of which has passed today in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

71 order on it is already made. 30 SSJ are intended for "Aeroflot", 6 - for airline "Daljavia", 15 – “AiRUnion”, 10 - "Ilyushin Finans Ko." and 10 more - for the first foreign buyer - Italian carrier ItAli. Probably, Hungarian airline “Malev” becomes the next customer. But not all carriers want to order beforehand the machine, which else even never was take-off in air.

On the International aerospace show, MAKS-2007, in Moscow at the end of August the correspondent dp.ru has set some questions to general director of S7 Airlines Vladislav Filev. Questions including concerned also prospects of SSJ-100, which for 6 years of development, as appeared, has ceased to be entered in model of development of one of the largest airlines of the country.

Vladislav Feliksovich, is created impression, that development of SSJ lags behind the schedule. There were the statements that the airplane will fly up in the beginning of this year.

It’s truly. Before the trip on an air show (MAKS-2007 - dp.ru) I have opened documents of "Sukhoi" corporation. And so, there the first delivery of airplanes is planned on January, 1, 2007.

That is they are late?


Though the head of Federal agency of the industry has told, that the schedule of release SSJ-100 is observed …

I to you shall tell that such the schedule. That the assembled airplane after his roll outing to certificate, it is necessary two years. It approximately as to the woman to give birth, it is necessary nine months. It is possible to give birth and for seven, but it will be the problem child.

If on September, 26 they will roll out him (the conversation was occurred in August, 2007 - dp.ru) in any case it is necessary two years that there was a series?

Yes, after the first flight it is necessary two years.

What machines you will replace with long range Boeing-787 on which you have already made the order?

Now at us seven airplanes А-310 are in operation. So we shall precisely replace seven airplanes by liners Boeing-787. In 2000 Russia transported about 20 million passengers. This year it will be transported more than 42 million. I think that in 2014-2015 it will be about 75-80 millions of passengers. The unique problem in our country - at us there are not enough airplanes.

As much expensive for S7 leasing of airplanes Airbus and Boeing?

It pays off. An example: Tu-154 from Moscow up to Ulan-Ude spent 30t of fuel, and А-319 – 18t. There is a difference?

Why you do not buy Russian Il-96?

We do not accept in him the cost of a passenger place on one kilometer of flight. I am interested only with this parameter. This cost is not comparable with Il-86 or А-310. This cost is not comparable and with Boeing-767.

But on Il- 86 you do not want to fly too …

We would fly, but this plane is not so effective in fact. "Aeroflot", our senior brother, reduces them too.

Is it difficult to lease the western airplanes?

It is very difficultly. There are many nuances about which I cannot speak.

S7 many criticize for last year's losses, speak, those prospects of the company are foggy. Is it so?

I shall tell to you fairly: our company is in good condition.

Will you take airplanes SSJ or An-148?

You know, this airplane is slightly small for us. It is other niche. We like airplanes with 150 places.

You can wish something the Russian designers of planes?

I can. But designers have never listen pilots.