Since February, 1 Ukraine strengthens requirements to Soviet manufactured aircraft’ safety systems.

Since February, 1 requirements to aircraft’ safety systems of the Soviet manufacture in Ukraine have amplified, informs Russian aviation news and information server AVIA.RU with the reference to source: UGMK.INFO. However the majority of domestic airlines are not ready to this, write "Economic news".

Among models, which are in operation till now are - Аn-24, Аn-26, Аn-30, Yak-40, Yak-42 and Tu-334. Experts assert: there are some tens airplanes in Ukraine which have fulfilled a resource and do not answer to new standards of safety. However since June, 1 such airplanes will be deprived the airworthy certificate. Not all domestic airlines are ready to put significant money in modernization of airplanes which already practically flew away the resource.
Re-equipment of airplanes - is not cheap business: the establishment of the complete set on one machine costs to $350-400 thousand.