of aviation audits conducted by the AUDITING CENTER "RISKS EVALUATION"

in the period between 2002 and 2018

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All questions regarding flight safety of any Russian/CIS airlines, requests on audits/review/research on aviation security should be directed to the President of ACRE Mr. Alexander Cherkasov:

Note: the fact of carrying out of audit does not mean automatic approval of condition of flights safety in the inspected airline.


1. The post-audit of "Air Kazakhstan" Airlines, aircraft:
B-737-200: UN-B3703, UN-B3705, UN-B-3706;
-310-300: UN-A3101, UN-A-3102;
u-154: UN-85780, UN-85781;

Date of audit: 19.04.02-23.04.02;
Place of audit: Almaty, ;

2. The aviation audit of "Vladivostokavia" Airlines, aircraft & helicopters:
Tu-154: RA-85849, T-154-2 RA-85596;
Yak-40: RA-88223, RA-87325;
Mi-8PS: RA-22633;

Date of audit: 19.04.02-31.04.02;
Place of audit: Vladivostok city, Far East, Russian Federation;

3. Audit of "Baikal" Airlines & the helicopter:
Mi-8PS-7: RA-24632;

Date of audit: 13-15.06.02;
Place of audit: Irkutsk city, East Siberia region, RF;

4. Audit of "Aerobratsk" Airlines, aircraft:
Yak-40: RA-87974, RA-88205, RA-88215;

Date of audit: 24-29 June, 2002;
Place of audit: Bratsk city, Irkutsk area, East Siberia region, RF;

5. Audit of "Angara" Airlines, aircraft:
An-24RV: RA-46712, RA-46660, RA-46642;
An-24B: RA-47848;

Date of audit: 24-28.06.2002;
Place of audit: Irkutsk city, East Siberia region, RF;

6. Audit of "Rusline" Airlines (Moscow), aircraft:
Yak-40: RA-87828, RA-88293, RA-87533;

Date of audit: 29.07-05.08.02;
Place of audit: Moscow city, Sheremetyevo-1 airport, RF;

7. Aviation Audit of Aviation Research & Production Company "PANH" Airlines, helicopters:
Mi-8MTV-1: RA-25435;
Mi-8AMT: RA-24025;
Mi-8 RA-22769 (on overhaul plant "SPARK");

Date of audit: 02-06.08.2002, 11-13.08.2002;
Place of audit: Krasnodar city, St.Peterburg city (overhaul plant "SPARK"), RF;

8. The aviation technical audit of "Flight" Airlines, helicopters:
Mi-8MTV-1: RA-27182, RA-25402;
I-8 #RA-24243;

Date of audit: 09-10.08.2002;
Place of audit: "Narimanovo" airport, Astrakhan city, RF;

9. Aviation Technical audit of "Altyn Air" Airlines, aircraft:
An-24RV: EX-24805;

Date of audit: 07-10.08.2002;
Place of audit: "Manas" airport, Bishkek city, Republic of Kirgyzia;

10. Aviation Technical audit of "Kyrgiz Airlines" ("Kyrgyzstan aba Zholdary), Yak-40s fleet:
Bishkek: EX-87379 (VIP-salon of the President of Kyrgyzstan), EX-87538;
Osh: EX-87250, EX-87664, EX-87820;

Date of audit: 10-17.08.2002;
Place of audit: "Manas" airport, Bishkek city, Osh city, Republic of Kyrgyzia;

11. Aviation Technical Audit of "Irtysh-Avia" Airlines (Kazakhstan), fleet:
Yak-42D: UN-42712, UN-42730;
Yak-40: UN-87213, UN-87543;

Date of audit: 09-16.09.2002;
Place of audit: airports of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Uralsk cities, Kazakhstan;

12. The evaluation (technical and financial) of Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter #RA-27035,
belonged to PANH helicopter company and crashed on 19.11.1999 to be in dry lease in Kazairwest airline (Kazakhstan), subsidiary airlines of Clintondale Aviation ;

Date of evaluation: 10-16.09.2002;
Place of work: Moscow, Krasnodar;

13. Aviation Technical Audit of "Aerostar" Airlines, Yak-40s fleet:
Yak-40: UR-87998, UR-87961,UR-87566, UR-MIG UR-ECL;

Date of audit: 23-27.09.02.
Place of audit: airports Zhulyany & Borispol (Kiev, Ukraine);

14. Audit of "Krasnoyarskie Avialinii" Airlines ("KrasAir Airlines), fleet:
Il-86: RA-86145, RA-86121;
Tu-154: RA-85679, RA-85702;

Date of audit: 6-12.10.2002;
Place of audit: Krasnoyarsk city, Russian Federation;

15. Aviation Technical Audit of "Komiaviatrans" Airlines, helicopter:
Mi-8 RA-24449;

Date of audit: 25-28.10.02;
Place of audit: airport of Ukhta city, Komi Republic, RF;

16. Audit of "Zhezkazgan Air" airlines, aircraft:
Yak-40: UN-87929, UN-87920;

Date of audit: 27.11.-01.12.2002.
Place of audit: Zhezkazgan city, Kazakhstan;

17. Post-audit of "Flight" Airlines, helicopters:
i-8MTV-1 RA-27182, RA-25402;
i-8 RA-24243;

Date of audit: 22-28.12.2002;
Place of audit: "Narimanovo" airport, Astrakhan city, RF;