of aviation audits conducted by the AUDITING CENTER "RISKS EVALUATION"

in the period between 2002 and 2018

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All questions regarding flight safety of any Russian/CIS airlines, requests on audits/review/research on aviation security should be directed to the President of ACRE Mr. Alexander Cherkasov:

Note: the fact of carrying out of audit does not mean automatic approval of condition of flights safety in the inspected airline.


1. Evaluation of An-12BP cargo aircraft:
Date of evaluation: 10-26.04.2004;
> Place of evaluation: Moscow

2. Audit of "IrkutskAvia" helicopter company, helicopters:
i-8: #RA-22877, #RA-25975 (Irkutsk city);
i-8: #RA-24523, #RA-24745 (Bodaibo city);

Date of audit: 05.04-09.04.2004;
Place of audit: Irkutsk & Bodaibo cities, Irkutsky region, RF;

3. Audit of "Angara" Airlines of Open JSC "Irkutsky Aviation Repair Plant" (IARZ #403), aircraft (Irkutsk city):
n-24RV: #RA-46712, #RA-46660, #RA-46642, #RA-46697;
n-24B: #RA-47848;
An-26B-100: #RA-26511;

Date of audit: 09.04-14.04.2004;
Place of audit: Irkutsk city, East Siberia region, RF;

4. Audit of the Federal State Aviation Enterprise "Kirensk aviation enterprise", helicopters:
Mi-8: #RA-25191, #RA-24192;

Date of audit: 16 -21.04.2004;
Place of audit: Kirensk city, Irkutsky region, RF;

5. Audit of "LTD Aircompany "Severstal", aircraft:
Yak-40: #RA-88180, #RA-87954, #RA-87586, #RA-88296, #RA-87224;

Date of audit: 12 -16.07.2004;
Place of audit: Cherepovetz airport, Vologda region, RF;

6. Audit of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Nizhnevartorvsk' Aviation Enterprise" and its Mi-8PS; Evaluation of the risk of forthcoming landing of the Mi-8PS helicopter on the crossroads with VIP passengers and helicopter:
Mi-8PS: #RA-24110;

Date of audit: 30.07 -01.08.2004;
Place of audit: Nizhnevartovsk airport, site for the landing - crossroads in 90 km faraway from the Nizhnevartovsk airport, RF;

7. Audit of JSC RusLine Airlines, aircraft:
Tu-134A: #RA-65035, #RA-65756(VIP), #RA-65934(VIP);

Date of audit: 10 -15.08.2004;
Place of audit: Sheremetyevo-1 & Vnukovo airports, Moscow, RF;

8. Audit of the State Unitary Enterprise Polyarnye Avialinii Airline, its Nyurba Separate Aviation Branch and helicopters:
Mi-8T: #RA-24715, #RA-22657;

Date of audit: 21-28.08.2004;
Place of audit: Yakutsk, Nyurba airports, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, RF;

9. Technical aviation audit of JSC Euro-Asia Air airline in Atyray, its branches in Aktyubinsk (Aktobe), Mangistau (Aktau), Almaty, and their fleet:
Tu-134A:#UN-65776; Yak-40: #UN-88266, #UN-87337, #UN-87935; Mi-8T: #UN-25584; i-8V-1 #UN-27182

Date of audit: 16-25.08.2004;
Place of audit: Atyrau, Aktau, Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan;

10. Technical aviation audit of JSC Alrosa Avia and its fleet of Tu-134:
Tu-134B #RA-65693 (VIP Salon) Tu-134A #RA-65907 (VIP Salon)

Date of audit: 18-20.10.2004;
Place of audit: Zhukovsky city, Flight test base of the flight research institute, Moscow area, Russia. Vnukovo airport;

11. Technical aviation audit of JSC "Altyn Air" and its fleet:
Tu-154M #EX-85718; Tu-134A: #EX-020; An-24RV: #EX-014, #EX-24807

Date of audit: 21-30.10.2004;
Place of audit: Manas airport, Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic;

12. Technical aviation audit of JSC "Kyrgyzstan Airlines" and its fleet:
Tu-154M #EX-85762; Tu-154B: #EX-85590; Tu-134A: #EX-65789; Yak-40: #EX-87538;

Date of audit: 24-02.11.2004;
Place of audit: Manas airport, Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic;

13. Technical aviation audit of "KazAir West" Almaty Branch and its fleet:
-134A #UN-65900;
Yak-40: #UN-87271 & UN-87926, belonging to "Don AVIA" Airlines;

Date of audit: 23-30.11.2004;
Place of audit: Almaty airport, Taldy-Korgan city, Republic of Kazkahstan;

14. he specialists of ACRE have conducted the evaluation of Yak-42D, belonging to the "Rusline" airlines.
Date of evaluation: 18-22.12.2004;