of aviation audits conducted by the AUDITING CENTER "RISKS EVALUATION"

in the period between 2002 and 2018

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All questions regarding flight safety of any Russian/CIS airlines, requests on audits/review/research on aviation security should be directed to the President of ACRE Mr. Alexander Cherkasov:

Note: the fact of carrying out of audit does not mean automatic approval of condition of flights safety in the inspected airline.


1. At the request of the foreign Customer the Auditors
of Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" (ACRE) have audited
Nefteyugansk and Surgut divisions of West Siberian directorate
of JSC company "UTair-HS", Surgut including
LMS "Surgut"
and 8 helicopters Mi-8:
RA-24577, RA-24238, RA-24144, RA-22654,
RA-22355, RA-24726, RA-24580, RA-25139
Place of audit: airports Surgut, Nefteyugansk, RF.

Date of audit: 9 April - 20 May, 2016

2. Auditors of Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" (ACRE)
conducted full aviation technical
audit of CJSC "Helix aero" and its helicopters:
Mi-8T: № RA-25372, RA-24268, RA-24706.

Place of audit: Perm, airport "Bolshoje Savino" RF.
Date of audit: 15 May - 20 June 2016.

3. Auditors of Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" (ACRE)
conducted technical aviation
audit of Federal state budgetary institution
“Zhukovski ARC Emercom of Russia”
and its helicopter Ka-32A11VS ARC:
№ RF-32801, manufacturing numb. 9820,
aircraft documents,numbered documentation,
flight safety status,audit of flying personnel of Ka-3211VS ARC.

Place of audit: Zhukovski, Arkhangelsk, RF.
Date of audit: 30 Jul - 02 Aug 2016.