At Georgian "Boeing" the system of navigation has given up

In the evening on Monday 26.12.2005 Boeing-737 of "Georgian airlines" has made emergency landing at the airport of Tbilisi. As it is informed, during the flight at "Boeing" the system of navigation was disconnected. The landing has been made under the direction of ATC dispatchers.
It already the third technical malfunction by this plane lately.
In the beginning of autumn of 2005 this aircraft named "Kahety", having taken off in Paris, because of malfunction of the autopilot has been compelled in 20 minutes to return to Tbilisi. And in November the same liner has made emergency landing at the airport of Teheran as in one of engines there was a smoke blanketing.
Meanwhile, the plane which has made emergency landing again will rise in air in the near future.
"The Georgian airlines" have two planes Boeing-737, and also two n-2, Yak-40 and Yak-42.
The airline carries out direct flights to Moscow, Kiev, Amsterdam, Prague, Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna, Athens and Tel-Aviv.

In Yakutia was gone -8 with three pilots

In Yakutia helicopter MI-8 onboard which there were three members of crew was gone.
The helicopter has taken off at 7:57 Moscow time from settlement Tumata for settlement Batagaj.
At 9:20 the helicopter has last time established connections, then has disappeared from screens of radars.
At 10:05 searches in area which is approximately in one thousand kilometers north-eastof Yakutsk are started. On a route the helicopter with rescuers has taken off.
Disappeared i-8 belonged to "Polar airlines".

In the Republic of Evenkia plane An-26 has made emergency landing

On 23 December 2005, in the Republic of Evenkia has made emergency landing the argo air plane An-26. The plane belonging to the Turinskoe aviation enterprise followed on a route settlement of Tura - settlement Bajkit - Krasnoyarsk. Onboard there were three members of crew and five tons of a cargo. At landing at the airport of settlement Bajkit at the plane one engine has given up, but the crew managed to land safely the machine. Now the special commission finds out the reasons of failure.

At the airport of Norilsk Tu-154 was brought down some of lighting lanterns

On 20.12.2005 at Norilsk airport "Alykel" after the landing the passenger aircraft Tu-154 has moved out from a runway and has brought down some lighting lanterns. It is supposed, that the reason of incident could become a lateral wind. The plane carried out the flight Domodedovo-Norilsk. Anybody from passengers and members of crew has not suffered.

Today 15.12.05 at airport "" faulty liner Tu-154 has urgently landed

Emergency landing at Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo has made Tu-154 aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Defense. After take off during climb the commander of crew has found out a crack in a windshield. The plane went to Ulan-Ude. Onboard at this time were 118 person. In two hours of flight the liner with a crack in a windshield has landed at airport "Tolmachevo. Among passengers and the crew there were not present victims

Last flight -8 was one of the first after the overhaul

Helicopter experts who have arrived to Nikolaevsk from Moscow and Khabarovsk, within the framework of conducted investigation of the reasons of falling of the helicopter Mi-8 and destruction of people have begun studying means of the technical control. Presumably, research of the given onboard means of the objective control of flight parameters, the data on work of the engine and decoding of negotiations of crew will borrow some days.
The public prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory Vladimir Malinovsky who on the eve has come back to Khabarovsk, has declared, that the reason of failure could become technical malfunctions. For today it is the unique officially sounded version of incident. Investigators consider two more versions of accident - difficult weather conditions during the flight and the human factor.
Also yesterday it became known that -8, belonging State Unitary Enterprise "Khabarovsk airlines", from May till October, 2005 passed major overhaul at overhaul plant #12 in Khabarovsk. Last flight -8 was one of the first after the overhaul. more...->

The crew of the plane Tu-134 of "Tatarstan" airlines is temporarily discharged of performance of flights

The crew of the plane Tu-134 airlines "Tatarstan" airlines led by the commander Vladimir Andrijanovym, operated the flight on November, 23 Kazan - Saint Petersburg, is temporarily discharged of performance of flights for infringement of rules of landing of aircraft at airport "Pulkovo". Details of incident were informed today by the general director of "Tatarstan" airline Magomed Zakorzhaev. more...->

At the airport of Murmansk Tu-154 at landing has driven out of runway in a snowdrift

On 30.11.05 at the airport of Murmansk Tu-154 arrived from Moscow (Sheremetyevo - 1) at taxiing after landing has left for limits of a runway and villages in a snowdrift.
Incident has taken place about 15:10 Moscow time. Victims are not present, passengers are onboard an air craft. On the data at 15:52 the aerodrome services by means of pushback is trying to return the aircraft on a strip. The plane at an output of limits of a runway has not received visible damages.

In Khabarovsk has made an emergency landing passenger aircraft Tu-214

In Khabarovsk on Friday, 25.11.05 has made emergency landing the passenger aircraft Tu-214 which operated the flight 664 Khabarovsk - Moscow. Onboard of Tu-214 were 131 passenger and nine members of crew.
Nobody has suffered.
The plane has taken off from Khabarovsk at 10.00 Moscow time. After take off in the area of rack of the forward chassis strong noise has appeared. The commander of crew has made the decision to develop fuel and to make emergency landing at the airport Khabarovsk. At 15:35 Moscow time the plane has made landing at airport " Khabarovsk ". The reasons of incident are found out by specially created commission.

On Yamal has made emergency landing helicopter Mi-8

In Yamal-Nenets autonomous region on Friday (25.11.05) near 13.20 has made emergency landing helicopter Mi-8 belonging to the airline Yamal which during the contact with the earth strip has received mechanical damages of a airframe.
Onboard of the helicopter there were three members of crew and nine passengers.Victims are not present.
Now on the given fact check is carried out.

In Ekaterinburg has made emergency landing Tu-154 of Ural Airlines

20.11.2005 in Ekaterinburg has been compelled to return to airport of departure and to make emergency landing the aircraft Tu-154 belonging to the local company Ural Airlines.
The reason - operation of an alarm board Shaving in oil on one of engines. Landing is made normally, victims are not present.
Now passengers have taken off for Moscow on the other aircraft of Ural Airlines which the same crew operates.

At the airport Ufa onboard the plane Tu-154 there was a smoke blanketing

At the international airport Ufa on Wednesday in the morning onboard the plane Tu-154 directed to Moscow, there was a smoke blanketing because of what flight should be detained at one o'clock.
The delay of flight J9 337 was the result of smoke blanketing in a compartment of an auxiliary power-plant of the plane during its start. Passengers have been replaced in the reserve plane and at 9.30 on local time have taken off for Moscow.
Victims are not present.

Emergency landing of Tu-154 in the airport of Rostov-on-Don

On November, 2 at 15.48 Moscow time there was an ignition of one of engines of the aircraft Tu - 154 of "Aeroflot-Don" airlines, carrying out flight D-9616 en- route Sochi - -1 ". At 16.06 Moscow time the crew of the plane has made an emergency landing at the airport of Rostov on -Don. Onboard the plane there were 69 passengers. Victims are not present. On the given incident investigation is carried out.

At accident of helicopter Mi-8 in Yamal-Nenets joint-stock company have suffered 5 persons

29 October, as a result of accident of helicopter Mi-8 in Yamal-Nenets autonomous region (YNAR) have suffered and have been hospitalized five persons.
The helicopter with three members of crew has taken off from the airport "Cape Kammennyj" with the urgent sanitary task. Having taken away from a reindeer-breeding facilities of the medical assistant and the patient, the helicopter has taken off for settlement Sijaha. In difficult weather conditions there was an overturning the helicopter sideways at landing approach.
All taking place onboard the helicopter have received traumas of a various degree of weight and are at the moment delivered in hospital, informed in the press-service. On a place of failure commission Inter-territorial department of Federal Service on supervision in sphere of transport (FSST) works.

In Yamal-Nenets autonomous region helicopter Mi-8 has accident

In Yamal-Nenets autonomous region (YNAR) in settlement Drovyanoj has suffered accident helicopter Mi-8.
Incident has taken place at 10.10 on local time. The helicopter carried out sanitary flight - from settlement should take away the lying-in woman.

The plane Tu-134 following from Moscow airport Vnukovo to Novokuznetsk

The plane Tu-134 following from Moscow airport Vnukovo to Novokuznetsk, has made on October, 22 emergency landing in Nizhni Novgorod. During flight there was a smoke blanketing in a cockpit. Onboard there were 40 passengers and seven members of crew. At 16:19 the plane has made landing in Nizhni Novgorod. Victims are not present. Passengers have been placed in a building of the airport, provided with hot food. At 22:25 passengers have been sent to Novokuznetsk by the plane of "Rusline" which have arrived especially from Moscow.

In Azerbaijan the Russian helicopter -32 was broke

In Azerbaijan on Saturday helicopter Ka-32 of Russian airline NPO "" in the evening was broke.
Presumably the helicopter has taken off from the airport Gyandzha after refueling and in coming twilight has not noticed an electric power line and has touched it. The helicopter has fallen approximately in 170 km to the west of Baku at 20:45 on local time (19:45 Moscow time).
After falling the helicopter has lit up. Details of incident are specified. All four crew member are died.

Refusal of the engine on Dash-8 "Sakhalin air routes"(SAT)

In the beginning of this week by the aircraft Dash-8 of "Sakhalin air routes" (SAT) in flight there was a refusal of one of two engines. The liner has been compelled to return to the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Instead of Dash-8 other plane has been given to passengers.
36-seater turbo-prop Dash-8 is maintained by SAT under the contract with the company "Exsson Neftegaz Limited" since autumn of 2002. Such three aircraft are engaged in charter transportations of the oilmen working on the Sakhalin oil-and-gas projects on the north of island, to Khabarovsk territory and Japan. On regular flights these liners are not used.

Emergency landing Tu-154 in Instnbul airport

On 18.09.05 at the Tu-154 of the Moscow airline Avialinii 400 at landing in the airport Istanbul was given up the main hydraulic system. The crew has applied system of emergency braking - because of it braking has turned out more abruptly, than usually. Thus at the plane eleven wheels of the main landing gears from twelve have broken down. The plane has no other damages. Onboard there were 165 passengers, nobody has suffered. Investigation is conducted.

Emergency landing An-24 in Aktau airport

On 18.09.2005 in the airport Aktau (Kazakhstan) as a result of refusal of starboard engine has made emergency landing the aircraft An-24 belonging to the private Kazakh airline " SCAT". Onboard there were 38 persons. Nobody has suffered.

Emergency landing of helicopter Mi-8 on Taimyr

On aimyr has made an emergency landing helicopter Mi-8 onboard which there were 3 members of crew and 22 passengers. The landing is made safely, nobody has suffered.
The helicopter carried out flight number TI-9358 en route Dudinka - settlement Ust-Avam. During the flight at 11:22 on local time (07:22 Moscow time) in a cabin of pilots the panel "Shaving in oil of the main gear box" has lit up, then the captain of crew has made the decision to return in the airport of the city of Dudinka.
Landing has passed safely at 11:42 (07:42 Moscow time).
The reason of airincident is studied by the special commission.

In Irkutsk area Mi-8 helicopter returned to the airport of departure

In Irkutsk area on Monday helicopter Mi-8 in the morning has returned to airport of departure.
The trip helicopter following on route Kirensk - settlement Preobrazhenka, has flied up from the airport of Kirensk at 10.30 local time (5.30 Moscow time). In some minutes the crew has found out the vibration of the roror blades, and the commander has made the decision on returning in the airport.
Landing has passed safely. From ten person, taking place onboard the helicopter, nobody has suffered.
The special commission investigates the reasons of it air incident.

Boeing 737-500 has made an emergency landing in Vilnius

08.09.05 At the Vilnius international airport on Thursday in the evening has made forced landing the aircraft Boeing of 737-500 of Lithuanian airlines which have taken off on a route Vilnius Brussels.
The decision to return to Vilnius was accepted after pilots have noticed onboard technical malfunctions. 35 passengers fly by this flight in 45 minutes have been sent to Brussels by other plane.
For the similar reasons last week after take off has been compelled to return to Vilnius the plane SSAB 2000 of Lithuanian airlines.
The Lithuanian airlines several weeks ago have been privatized - 100 % of shares of airline were bought with the consortium generated for these purposes LAL investiciju valdymas .

Three fatal accidents have taken place in the Russian civil aaviation for 8 months 2005 against 4 cases in 2004

Three fatal accidents have taken place in the Russian civil aviation in January - August 2005 in which 41 person was lost. About it informed in Federal agency of air transport (FAVT). In 2004 for the same period in civil aviation of the Russian Federation there were 4 accidents in which 44 persons were lost.
In particular, for the accounting period 2005 accident was suffered with plane An-2 belonging to the Federal Unitay Aviation Enterprise "Turin Aviation Enterprise", plane An-24 belonging to Open JSC "Regional Airlines and helicopter Mi-8 belonging to Joint-Stock Company "AGRO Airlines".
In the Russian civil aviation for 8 months 2005 there were 4 heavy non fatal air incidents against 8 cases year earlier. For the accounting period 2005 in the Russian aviation 4 aircraft have been written off against 7 aircraft for 8 months 2004.

The Antonov aircraft of private ongolesian airlines was broke

10 September, 2005 - In the night from Friday to Saturday in Congo, in fifty kilometers from Brazzaville, has sufferred accident plane "Antonov" belonging to private airline Air Kasai.
The plane has fallen near to the river Congo. Under the certificate of eyewitnesses, were lost, at least, 13 persons, including members of crew.
The plane worked on a line connecting the north of Congo with Kinshasa. The reasons of failure while are unknown.
It's already the fourth accident of planes of congolesian airlines less than than for a week.

Accidents of planes "Boeing - 737"

On July, 31, 1992 at the airport Nanking/China has accident plane "Boeing-737" of the Chinese airline. From 141 persons, taking place onboard, 106 were lost. more...->

The reason of crash of Ka-32 in Malaysia became malfunctions with the engine

Kuala-Lumpur, 6 September, 2005.
The most probable reason of wreck of helicopter Ka-32, in Malaysian state Saravak, began the arisen malfunctions with the engine. more...->

In Malaysia the helicopter with the Russian crew was broke

The accident has taken place in three days after local authorities have cancelled an interdiction on flights of helicopters above state Saravak. In August flights of helicopters in this area have been forbidden because of a gale. At the moment of accident onboard the helicopter were only three members of crew all citizens of Russia.
Now rescuers could find out a body of the pilot of the helicopter. Bodies of two other victims, most likely, are under water as at falling the part of the helicopter appeared in the river. The airlines name and tail nbr. of the helicopter still unknown.

The Russian experts have found out the reason of falling of the helicopter with vice-president of Sudan

Decoding of FDR recordrs of the helicopter Mi-8MTV-1 on which the first vice-president of Sudan John Garang was broke, has shown, that the direct reason of accident, most likely, there was an insufficient qualification of pilots. On it informs the Arabian edition " Ash-Shark al Ausat".
According to the edition, " black boxes " in Moscow were decoded by the Russian experts. According to a source in investigatory group, as a result of decoding it was found out, that two pilots of the helicopter could not cope with bad weather conditions which could not become a principal cause of accident. According to conclusions of experts, the helicopter was in a good technical condition and even at bad weather it was possible to land it.
In the decoding inspectors from Sudan and Uganda participated (Garang flied on Uganda' helicopter).
The president of Uganda Jovery Museveny under which order "black boxes " have been sent to Moscow, has declared, that among factors because of which the helicopter could fall, were considered including confusion of crew, a strong wind, technical malfunction or influence of the external factor.

Forced landing of Yak-42 of Tatarstan airlines

On 28.08.05 Yak-42 of "Tatarstan" Airlines which is carrying out flight number 370 Kazan-Moscow, for technical reasons after 40 minutes of flight has been compelled to return to the airport of Kazan because of refusal of one engine. Anybody from 65 passengers and seven members of crew has not suffered. Passengers have been sent to Moscow by other plane of the same airline "Tatarstan".

In Kazakhstan because of a smell of formalin the start of flight to Amsterdam is delayed

On August 18, at the airport Atyrau (Western Kazakhstan) because of a pungent smell onboard the plane Boeing-757 belonged to Air Astana airlines and following en-route Almaty-Atyrau-Amsterdam, more than at three hours the start of the flight has been delayed. At survey of a baggage compartment it is established, that a source of the smell was the broken glass container in capacity of 500 ml in which there was the formalin.
As have established investigators, the container with formalin belonged to one of passengers.
The delay of flight has made 3 hours of 20 minutes. The aircraft belonged to Air Astana airlines.
The rules of the transportation of dangerous goods were violated.

i-8 in Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District was broke, having collided with elements of external load sling equipment of the other helicopter Ka-32

Accident of helicopter Mi-8 near Nefteyugansk, on the preliminary data, has taken place as a result of collision with elements of external load sling equipment which was transported with the other helicopter Ka-32 of Nefetejugansky helicopter detachment. The representative of Federal agency it on supervision in sphere of transport (FSST) informed about on Thursday.
As a result of accident four persons were lost including three crew' members, two have received wounds. The helicopter made observation flight over oil pipeline. It has fallen in 4 km to south-west of Nefteyugansk. The crashed helicopter belonged to the helicopter airline "Argo", which based in Surgut city, Tyumen area.

i-8 Has fallen near Khabarovsk because of technical malfunction

The reason of falling of military helicopter Mi-8 near Khabarovsk became technical malfunction of the helicopter.
On the preliminary data, it has broken tail rotor gear box. Therefore the helicopter, having lost management, began to fall. All members of crew of the helicopter have remained are alive.
The commander of the crew who has received crisis of both legs has seriously suffered only.
The incident has taken place in the morning on Thursday at 10:30 on local time (3:30 Moscow time) in 45 kilometer from Khabarovsk in area of village Garovka.

In Kazakhstan has made emergency landing n-24 with the given up engine

The aircplane An-24 with the given up engine has made emergency landing at the airport of the city of Atyrau in the West of Kazakhstan.
On Thursday, 18 August, the aircraft An-24 of Kazakhstan airline "SCAT" following en route Aktau-Atyrau-Aktybinsk-Astana, had refusal of the left engine. Onboard there were 34 passengers and 4 members of crew. In 10 minutes after detection of malfunction n-24 has made emergency landing at the airport Atyrau. There are no victims.
Investigation of circumstances of incident is in progress.

 At the airport "Vnukovo" the airplane Tu-154 was rolled out of limits of a runway

11.08.2005 at "Vnukovo" airport the plane Tu-154 belonging to Vladivostok-Avia Airlines and operating the flight #DD-359 en route Abakan-Vnukovo after the landing was rolled out for limits of runway on a stopway.
Onboard there were 119 passengers. Victims are not present. Landing was carried out in adverse meteorological conditions, at a strong rain. Investigation is conducted.

 Passengers and crew of the Mi-8 helicopter which has failed in area of Khan Tengri peak are delivered to Bishkek

11 passengers and 4 members of crew of helicopter Mi-8 of the Ministry of ecology and extreme situations (Emercom) of Kirghizia, suffered during the incident with Mi-8 helicopter on 06.08.05, today, 08.08.2005 are delivered to Bishkek.
"Anybody from passengers and members of crew seriously has not suffered ", - have specified in Emercom of Kyrgyzstan. According to it, wounds were received only by the commander of crew Alexander Voloshin - it leg is broken, burns were received by the second pilot Azamat Bogubaev.
-8 has failed from height approximately 15-20 meters in the afternoon on August, 6 in area of glacier Inyincheck on a peak of Khan Tengri in Issyk-Kull area. Nearby to a place of falling there was a camp of climbers and parking of shepherds. Their inhabitants at once have rushed on a place of failure and rendered first aid to passengers and crew. After falling the helicopter has lit up therefore people from him were evacuated during a fire. Under the preliminary information, the helicopter made commercial flight on delivery of tourists to Khan Tengri peak.
The reasons of falling of the helicopter while are unknown. The special governmental commission which will engage in investigation of failure is created.

The helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Emercom)of Kyrgyzstan has had an accident

Helicopter Mi-8 belonging to the Ministry of ecology and extreme situations of Kirghizia, on Saturday has had an accident in area of Pobeda peak at a glacier Northern Inyincheck in the afternoon. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kirghizia informed, that the helicopter has risen upwards on 15 meters, and has fallen downwards and then lit up.
According to the preliminary information onboard the helicopter were 20 person, 15 from them have received wounds of a various degree of weight. Two have received strong burns, at them 80 percent of a skin have scorched.
In the area of fall of the helicopter there passes rescue operation. Under the preliminary information, the helicopter carried out commercial flight. At the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Kyrghyzia it was last helicopter Mi-8.

Passengers of delayed flight in Tel Aviv were calmed with police

06.08.05 Passengers of the flight UN-302 of "Transaero" airlines which has been delayed almost for two day in the airport of Tel Aviv due to tachnical reasons, are delivered to Moscow by other plane.
Boeing 747 should land in Moscow at 19:55 on Thursday. However shortly before a start experts have revealed serious malfunction, and the airline has informed passengers on a delay on couple of hours "for technical reasons".
In the evening on Thursday the part of passengers has been placed in hotel, and other part has remained to expect the flight in a building of the airport Ben-Gurion. On Friday in the morning all have gathered at the terminal and have learned, that the start is again postponed. Then the group of the indignant passengers has blocked landing telescopic entrance stair of German company Lufthansa, to unblock which it was possible only after intervention of police.
Meanwhile free plane of " Transaero" could arrive to Israel only late at night on Friday. It has taken off from Tel Aviv for Moscow in 01:52 Saturday on local time and has landed at "Domodedovo" about 5 o'clock in the morning.
It is not the first case when the start of the flight UN-302 from Tel Aviv is late in connection with malfunction of the Transaero' plane, marks agency "Cursor".

The Russian plane cannot take off from Tel Aviv the second day

The second day passengers of the flight of "Transaero" airlines cannot take off from the airport of Tel Aviv to Moscow.
As the relative of one of passengers has told, the airplane Boeing- 747 should take off flight UN302 on Thursday at 14:45 on local time and at 19:55 to land in "Domodedovo". To passengers who are in a zone of the customs control, constantly inform, that flight is postponed. On the unchecked data, at the plane malfunctions were found out, and it repairs.
Time of a start while is not known.

The plane of the Czech airline (CSA) at take-off has lost a wheel of the chassis

05.08.05 The plane of Czech airline CSA at take- off from Krakow to Prague has lost a wheel of the chassis, but has safely landed in Czech Republic. About it on Thursday informed the Czech radio.
State of emergency has taken place on Tuesday, however the vice-president of airline Tomash Hechko has informed on it press only on Thursday.
As he said, at Krakow airport "Balice" at take-off the plane type ATR the liner has literally lost one of four wheels of the chassis.
The given type of the plane allows to carry out landing even at presence of two wheels. The Czech pilot has made landing at Prague international airport "Rusine" safely. Anybody from passengers and members of crew has not suffered.

30 passengers of flight Moscow Vladivostok have poisoned onboard

In Primorski Krai about 30 passengers of the plane of airline " Vladivostok " have addressed for medical aid in connection with sharp deterioration of state of health. In two hours after take-off from airport Vnukovo, about 30 passengers of the flight operated by Tu-204-300 RA-64038, received a supper, have felt badly. The victim had been rendered first aid. In total onboard, which has landed in Vladivostok, there were 138 passengers.
Under the preliminary information, anybody from passengers is not hospitalized. The crew has accepted products aboard at airport Vnukovo. Under the preliminary information, the reason of a poisoning became the delayed products. On the fact of a poisoning of people check is conducted.

The Ukrainian plane has made an emergency landing in United Arab Emirates

The aircraft "Boeing-737" of the Ukrainian airline "Aerosweet" has made forced landing on Tuesday in the morning with 124 tourists and six members of crew onboard in United Arab Emirates at military airfield near airport "Dubai".
After take-off the crew of the plane has received the message on possible damage of the chassis from dispatchers. For finding-out of the reasons of possible malfunction the crew has made the decision on an emergency landing.
Victims and onboard the plane are not present. The reasons of possible malfunction are found out.

In has made emergency landing passenger aircraft An-24

Jule, 25, 2005 At the airport of Atyrau (Kazakhstan) 25.07.05 at 22.58 l.t. has made emergency landing the aircraft An-24 of Kazakh airlines SCAT" operated the flight en-route Uralsk - Atyrau - Aktau. After take off there was a refusal of one of two engines of the plane. Onboard there were 32 passengers and 4 members of crew. Victims are not present.

19 killed in military helicopter crash in Sudan's Darfur

KHARTOUM, July 25 (Xinhuanet) -- A military helicopter crashed on Monday in Sudan's western Darfur region, killing all 19 people on board including four crew members. A statement by the Sudanese military forces attributed the accident to "the bad weather condition".
The helicopter, Mi-17, was destined to Lait Jar al-Nabi, but the pilot found it difficult to land because of bad weather condition. The helicopter returned to Fasher in North Darfur State, but again failed to land. Therefore the pilot decided to continue flying to Niyala in South Darfur State.
The plane crashed at Dumayat near Niyala, killing all the 19 military personnel on board, according to the statement. Enditem

Georgian -40 made forced landing in Tbilisi

Jule, 18, 2005 Georgian -40 made forced landing in Tbilisi because of breakage of a central air conditioning system The passenger of Yak-40 aircraft of Georgian airline "Airzena" which operated the flight Tbilisi - Batumi, in 20 minutes after take-off from Tbilisi airport has returned back and has made emergency landing.
In department of civil aviation of Georgia do not make comments yet on this incident. Passengers of flight have declared, that onboard they receved information about malfunction of a central air conditioning system of aircraft, the decision on returning in the Tbilisi airport therefore was accepted.

The reason of an emergency landing of A-310 aircraft of "Siberia" airlines

Jule, 15, 2005 The reason of an emergency landing of A-310 aircraft of "Siberia" aircraft became the faulty valve of system of adjustment of pressure in the aircraft. About it the manager on public relations of airline Eugeny Filjanin informed.
We shall remind, on July, 10 at performance of the flight #777 Irkutsk - Moscow on an echelon has worked signal system of pressure drop in a cabin. The crew has made emergency decrease to safe height and has made the decision to make landing in alternative airport "Tolmachevo" in Novosibirsk. Landing has made safely at 8.08 Moscow time. Necessities of application of oxygen masks for passengers have not arisen, victims were not. On the board of emergency aircraft there were 193 passengers and nine members of crew. For continuation of flight the airline has prepared the reserve plane which has taken off from Novosibirsk at 13.40 Moscow time. Passengers who should fly from Moscow further to Germany, have been replaced on direct flight Novosibirsk - Frankfurt.
Next day after an establishment of the reason of malfunction the valve of system of adjustment of pressure has been replaced, and operation of the plane is continued.

Near Krasnoyarsk has made emergency landing An-32 aircraft

Jule, 14, 2005 In 20 minutes after take off at the plane the left engine has given up then the crew has made the decision to make landing. Landing has been accomplished in airport Cheremshanka near Krasnoyarsk.
Onboard the plane there were four members of crew, two passengers and six tons of a cargo.
Victims are not present. Accordance to preliminary information the aircraft tail nbr RA-48113 belongs to Sibaviatrans airlines.

In Irkutsk area helicopter Mi-2 has had an accident

In Irkutsk region in area of lake Baikal on Wednesday helicopter Mi-2 has had an accident.
Helicopter Mi-2 RA-74035 belonging to the "ROSTO" has taken off for Wednesday at 11.10 Moscow time from base "Oek" in 50 kilometers to the north of Irkutsk under the task forests patrol.
The information on accident of the helicopter has arrived at 21:40 local time (16:40 Moscow time) from employees of Baikal national park. They have seen, how helicopter Mi-2 has fallen in lake in 30 meters from the coast in area of settlement Rytyj.
On the preliminary data, on its board there were two persons. Their destiny is unknown. In searches of helicopter Mi-2 fallen to lake Baikal, the aircraft will be involved. With a dawn there will send helicopter Mi-8 and plane An-2.

Emergency landing of Siberia A-310 aircraft in Novosibirsk

On Sunday (10.07.2005) at Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo has made emergency landing A-310 aircraft of "Siberia" airline.
The aircraft operated the flight 777 Irkutsk - Domodedovo (Moscow). During the flight for not established reason has taken place de-pressurization of passengercabin and the Captain has made the decision to make emergency landing at airport Tolmachevo.
Landing has passed safely at 11:08 on local time.
Onboard there were 193 passengers, including two children, and nine members of crew. Victims of incident are not present.

The aircraft An-24 make forced landing at Irkutsk airport

On July 06, 2005 the aircraft An-24 tail number RA-47799, belonging to the airlines Buryatskie Avialinii (Bural) (Ulan-Ude city) has made forced landing at Irkutsk airport just after take off. The aircraft operated the flight Irkutsk Ulan-Ude.
After take-off the captain noted that landing gears not retracted and took decision to return to the airport of departure Irkutsk. Landing has been made safely. Onboard there were only three members of crew.
It was delivery flight to Ulan-Ude after overhaul the aircraft at Irkutsky overhaul plant #403.
Investigation is in progress.

Emergency landing of Tu-154 at the airport of Krasnoyarsk

On July 6, 2005 at airport Krasoyarsk" has made emergency landing the plane Tu-154 belonging to the Yakutia airline. Victims and are not present victims.
Onboard there were 35 passengers and 7 members of crew. The plane operated the flight en route Anapa-Krasnoyarsk.
Approximately at 04.24 Moscow time on Tuesday the Captain informed dispatchers, that, presumably, because of the arisen vibration there was a switching-off of the engine number 2 in this connection and the decision on emergency landing which the crew has successfully carried out in 23 minutes on two working engines.
Now the special commission on safety of flights conducts investigation the reasons of this incidents.

At the airport of Biisk has made emergency landing An-24 aircraft

On July, 3 at the airport of Biisk (Altai territory) has made emergency landing the airplane An-24 which operated the flight 124 enroute Surgut - Biisk. The reason - the forward rack of the chassis was not extended.
The plane made landing rather safely for what at a contact of wheels of the chassis of a runway position of a fuselage was kept in horizontal position down to falling speed. Having stopped, the plane' front part of airframe contacted to the earth.
Onboard there were 35 passengers and 4 members of crew. Victims and are not present victims.

The plane Fokker-50 of "Air Astana" airline has made emergency landing at the airport of Shymkent on 23.06.05

23.06.05 At the airport of Shymkent the plane Fokker-50 of airline Air Astana has made emergency landing. Victims and are not present victims. The plane carried out flight on a route the Kyzyl-Orda-Shymkent.
In flight at the plane one of engines has given up. Onboard there were 33 passengers and 4 persons of crew. Landing is made safely.

The plane Moscow - Yakutsk has made emergency landing in Ukhta city

The plane Tu-154 operated the flight en route Moscow - Yakutsk, has made on Friday an emergency landing at the airport of the city of Ukhta.
The plane Tu-154 with tail number RA-85812 operated scheduled flight #373 Moscow (Vnukovo)-Yakutsk. On its board there were 89 passengers and five members of crew. Among passengers ther was the chairman of the government of Republic Saha Yakutia Egor Borisov.Landing at the airport of Ukhta has been safely made at 07:06 on Friday, 24.06.05. Victims are not present.
The reason of an emergency landing became refusal of two hydraulic systems.

Emergency Landing of Tu-154 in Rostov-on-Don

On 21.06.05 in Rostov - on -Don airport the second engine of the aircraft Tu-154 has lit up By the passenger plane Tu-154 which operated shcedule flight #162 Rostov - on-Don - Moscow, just after take off there was a fire on the middle engine. In connection with emergency the decision on emergency landing was accepted by the crew. The plane was unwrapped and in 9 minutes after take off has landed at the airport of Rostov - on -Don.
Now maintenance specialists establish the reasons of ignition.
Anybody from 82 passengers onboard the plane, has not suffered.

Peru army helicopter Mi-8MTV-1 crashes in jungle, 11 missing

LIMA, Peru, June 16 (Reuters) - Eleven people, including a young girl, were missing on Thursday after a Peruvian army helicopter crashed in Peru's remote northern jungle, injuring four passengers, a military officer said. "The accident happened this afternoon during a flight along the Colombian border. Eleven people are missing, including two policemen, a young girl and a civilian woman," army commander Jorge Luis Lagunas told Reuters from the Iquitos region. "We have rescued four injured officers with cuts and bruises," he added.
Lagunas said it was not clear why the woman and the girl were aboard. The helicopter, which crashed into the rapids of the Putumayo River, 870 miles (1,400 km) northeast of the capital, Lima, had not been found and the cause of the accident was not yet known, Lagunas said.
The accident was the second in the military in recent months. Thirteen army officers were killed on April 28 after their aircraft crashed during a training exercise in southern Peru.

Saakashvili' aircraft has made emergency landing on Tuesday, 14 june

The passengers plane of Georgian airline "Air Zena" at performance of flight of Tbilisi - Paris early morning on Tuesday approximately in 40 minutes after take-off from the Tbilisi airport has returned back and has made emergency landing. It has taken place on the night of Tuesday. The part of passengers has gone to Paris by the other plane, and the part has refused of the flight.
Under the statement of the Georgian mass-media, the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili uses this "Boeing" at visiting foreign countries.
The plane' mark is B-737-500.

The passenger aircraft of "Georgian airlines", has made emergency landing at the airport of Teheran

The passenger aircraft of "Georgian airlines", operated the flight en route Tbilisi - Dubai, has made emergency landing at the airport of Teheran. Passengers and crew have not suffered.
As the reason of failure was the fire in the engine of the plane.
The group of representatives and technicians of airline has taken off for capital of Iran which on a place will familiarize with the reasons of incident.
For last ten days it is the second case of emergency landing of planes of Georgian air companies.
Similar case has taken place with plane "Boeing-737-500" of "Air Zena" airlines which carried out flight of Tbilisi - Paris. After detection of technical malfunction the plane has been compelled to return to Tbilisi.

In Irkutsk the plane Tu-154 has made emergency landing

June, 01, 2005
In Irkutsk the plane Tu-154 has made emergency landing on Thursday.
The plane headed for Ekaterinburg. At climb in a cabin of crew the alarm system about malfunction of one of power-plants has worked. The commander has requested landing. Before going on decrease, the plane more than one hour flied above city, developing fuel. Anybody from 8 members of crew and 52 passengers has not suffered.
The name of the airlines in unknown yet.

An-24 has made emergency landing at Yakutia airport

June, 03, 2005
On Thursday in Yakutia' airport Chulman has made emergency landing An-24 aircraft belonging to the airline "KatekAvia". The aircraft An-24 has taken off on a route Chulman-Yakutsk .
However in five minutes the pilot has been compelled to make landing because of vibration of the right engine, arisen during climb.
Onboard of the aircraft there were 51 person, including four members of crew. Nobody has suffered.
RIA News

Sudanese aircraft experiences engine failure

June, 03, 2005
An An-24 owned by al-Majal Aviation Company and operated by private Sudanese operator Marsland Aviation crashed while taking off from the Khartoum Airport on a flight to El Fashir in the country's western Darfur region via El Obeid in western Sudan. At least five of the 42 people on board are reported to have been killed and 16 were injured, two of whom are reported to be in a critical condition.
The aircraft was reported to be flown by two Russian pilots.
The crash has been attributed by some sources to engine failure soon after takeoff resulting in the aircraft crashing into the runway. Other reports suggest that the aircraft was an An-26 and collided with the airport's perimeter wall after takeoff and then caught fire.

In Nepal helicopter Mi-17 has had an accident

June, 02, 2005
In Nepal on Thursday nearby to camp of climbers at Mounts Everest the helicopter has had an accident, informs agency Assoshiejted Press.
According to the representative of risque serviceof the airport in Katmandu, the helicopter Mi-17 Russian Manufactures flied to the camp of climbers located at height of 5.300 meters.
Details of failure are not informed, but it is known, that the pilot of the helicopter has made an emergency landing.
As a result of incident nobody has suffered.
Passengers of the helicopter have got off bruises and cuts.
It They receved medical aid in the camp of climbers.
RIA "News".

An Antonov passenger plane crashed on Thursday in the Sudanese capital Khartum

An Antonov passenger plane crashed on Thursday when it aborted take-off , killing at least five people and injuring two others, Sudanese aviation officials said.
The plane was bound for el-Fasher in the Darfur region of western Sudan, Ahmed Mustafa Jaylani, head of internal flights in the civil aviation authority, said.
"The aircraft crashed at the north end of the runway while taking off. There were 34 passengers on board and six crew," Jaylani said. "So far, we have five people dead and two injured that we know about." The crash happened at 11.15 a.m. (0815 GMT), he said.
"Just before take-off, it could not leave the ground so the pilot tried to stop with full brakes," civil aviation authority spokesman Abdel Hafiz Abdel Rahim said, adding that the left engine then caught fire. A witness said the plane was lying at the end of the runway with the left side charred but said the body of the aircraft appeared to be intact.
"This was a complete accident, and the policemen and rescue services came quickly to save us," said Abu Bakr Ibrahim Hassaballah, who was on the aircraft when it crashed but escaped unharmed. Rescue services took the injured to a nearby police hospital, officials said. Jaylani said Marsiland, a private company operating in Sudan, had chartered the Antonov 24 from the owners, who he identified as the al-Majal company.

Term of work of the commission on investigation of an air crash in NAR is prolonged

June, 01, 2005
Term of work of the interdepartmental commission on investigation of the reasons of an air crash of plane AN-24 in Nenets autonomous region is prolonged. The assistant to the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation informed about it on Wednesday in North-West Federal District Ivan Kondrat to journalists. more...->

An-12 crash kills 27

Ma, 26, 2005
Another aircraft in Congo crash
An An-12 piloted by a flight crew of two Russians, one Ukrainian, one Belarussian and a Congolese and 21 Congolese passengers were killed when the aircraft crashed on May 25th in 30 minutes after take off from Goma in Nord Kivu province in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aircraft is reported to have been en route to Kindu, the capital of Maniema province 390 km southwest of Goma, when the aircraft crashed into a cliff scattering wreckage in dense forest in the mountainous region. more...->


Ma, 26, 2005
In the Orl area helicopter Mi-8 on May, 26, 2005 has had an accident.
Incident has taken place at 14.30 Moscow time in Krasnozorensky area in eight kilometers to the north of settlement the Krasnaya Zarya. At performance of flight of an oil pipeline "Druzhba" during landing approach helicopter Mi-8 belonging to Open JSC "Aviapankh" has had an accident.
Two members of crew of the helicopter have remained are alive. On the ground of destructions is not present. Investigation is carried out.


Ma, 03, 2005
At 3:35 Moscow time on Tuesday at landing approach at the airport of Irkutsk there was a collision of the passenger plane Tu - 154 tail number 85159 of " Ural airlines " with a bird.
At the plane operating the flight #281 Ekatirenburg - Irkutsk - Khabarovsk, the headlight has been broken and is damaged front cover of a wing. Meanwhile, landing has passed safely, people not have suffered. Onboard there were 74 passengers and six members of crew.
The commission for inspection of a condition of the plane is created.

Honduran leader's plane crashes

Ma, 02, 2005
Honduran President Ricardo Maduro suffered minor bruising after the plane he was travelling in crashed into the sea on a trip north of Tegucigalpa.
The small Cessna carrying the president and his daughter Lorena landed in the water while trying to land at Tela, a port on the Caribbean coast. Presidential spokesman Jorge Barrios said Mr Maduro was recovering in a hospital in the city of Comayagua.
Reports say the plane's engine went dead as it tried to land. "The plane fell in the water but they were immediately rescued," said Mr Barrios. Mr Maduro, who has been president since January 2002, was travelling to Tela, 350km (220 miles) north of Tegucigalpa, to visit provincial authorities. BBC News

Plane lands on Haneda's closed runway due to ontroller'serror

Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 03:58 JST
TOKYO A passenger plane landed on a closed runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport Friday night allegedly due to an airport controller's erroneous instruction, sources familiar with the case said.
The incident occurred at around 9:40 p.m. but did not affect operations at the airport. The runway, one of the airport's three runways, has been closed for construction. (Kyodo News).

In Yakutia has taken place two emergency landings of An-24 aircraft for a day (April, 29, 2005)

Both incidents have taken place with aircraft of Polar airlines air company. more...->

200 passengers of Tu-204 jetliner experience 4 hours of horror

Over 200 passengers of flight 3062 that was flying from Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh resort city to the Sheremetyevo-1 Airport in Moscow on April 2nd were bidding farewell to their lives for four hours. more...->

Passengers of the crashing jetliner thanked for using the airline's services

Pravda.Ru has already reported about the state of emergency, which occurred on April 2nd on board the Tu-204 jetliner on its way from Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh to Moscow. We also wrote about the reaction that we received to our request to comment the situation: Angelina Matrosova, an official of the Sheremetyevo International Airport, obviously had little knowledge about the art of communication with the media. We herewith would like to publish a report about the crashing airplane, as we promised before. more...->

In Kalmykia has made emergency landing flight Moscow - Elista

In the united dispatching service at 13.10 has arrived the message from the head of flights operations of Elista airport that at 14.30 Moscow time will make emergency landing passenger plane Yak-40 of airline "Rusline", operated the flight Moscow - Elista.more...->

n-24 has fallen on the plain place

On a place of accident n-24 in Varandej the commission on investigation has started to work. Experts have already found out "black boxes" of aircraft and as minister of transport Igor Levitin has promised, on Thursday inform preliminary results.more...->

Lost it is more, than alive

Victims of accident of plane An-24 in Nenets autonomous region of steel 28 person. Among victims - the commander of crew and the navigator, and also employees of company "Naryanmarneftegaz". 24 persons were rescued, ten of them in a heavy condition are sent by the helicopter to Naryan-Mar.more...->

Mi-8 has been lost on Kamchatka peninsula on 27 November

On Kamchatka the helicopter Mi-8, belonged to the local airlines "Kamchatskie Avialinii" and operated the ambulance flight enroute Osacha - Elizovo (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport) has been lost on 27 novemver, 2004.more...->

Pilot error blamed for Turkey plane crash

Pilot error has been blamed after a Ukrainian transport plane crashed in thick fog in Turkey's Black Sea region, killing 62 Spanish peacekeepers and a 12-man Ukrainian crew.more...->