The crew of the plane Tu-134 of "Tatarstan" airlines is temporarily discharged of performance of flights

The crew of the plane Tu-134 airlines "Tatarstan" airlines led by the commander Vladimir Andrijanovym, operated the flight on November, 23 Kazan - Saint Petersburg, is temporarily discharged of performance of flights for infringement of rules of landing of aircraft at airport "Pulkovo".

Details of incident were informed today by the general director of "Tatarstan" airline Magomed Zakorzhaev.

As he said, events developed as follows. In the day of performance of flight in Kazan stood good weather. Same weather was and in Saint Petersburg. However at approach of the plane to airport " Pulkovo" weather condition began to vary - that worsened, improved - therefore, the plane within one hour was in a so-called zone of expectation. When visibility has improved, the commander of the plane again has requested the sanction to landing. The dispatcher at the airport as declares crew of the plane, informed, that visibility range on a runway for that moment made 850 meters that is the best parameter. However when the plane has landed, found out, that the air dispatcher informed absolutely other parameter: 750 meters - at such visibility to make landing for that type of aircraft is forbidden. In this connection at airport "Pulkovo" the special commission on investigations of the reasons happened has been in an extra hurry created. From Kazan the commander of a squadron who has there and then taken off for Saint Petersburg has been requested.

Now, as informed M.Zakozhaev, experts of the created commission conduct decoding records of a black box. When decoding will be completed, the commission will make the decision concerning, whether actions of crew of an air liner were correct. Then materials of investigation will be directed to Moscow, in the Department on Supervision for Flight activity of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation which will pass the concrete decision on the given question. If the commander of the aircraft really has not caught figure crew, most likely, will deprive with so-called flight coupons of the prevention. If it will be found out, that the commander of the aircraft has made on air the same figure, as the air dispatcher "Pulkovo" rights on flights can deprive crew in general. Are possible, by M.Zakorzhaeva's words, and more strict measures.