Experts the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) found out the reasons of the accident of A-320 aircraft of "Armavia" Airlines. As the investigation has shown, the equipment was serviceable before the collision with a surface of the sea. The plane was directed to the water by the pilot who has lost orientation in space

19 June, 2006
On Monday the chairman of the technical commission of Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) on investigation of accident of plane A-320 of "Armavia" Airlines informed about the end of work with onboard recorders. On June, 8 experts reported about decoding of voice recorder, fixed about 33 minutes of the voice information, "including a stage of the beginning and development special situations " onboard of А-320. And by June, 17, the MAK has deciphered the records of the flight data recorder (FDR).

Records of it contained the information on eight flights, including the last - emergency. Duration of records has made about 26 hours and 20 minutes, including 1 hour and 26 minutes of all records of the flight at night on May, 3, 2006, when there was accident of А-320. Having the de-coded information of a parametrical recorder, experts have established some important points: there were not destructions of the plane in the air, both engines worked till the moment of collision of the plane with a water, there was enough fuel onboard for the safe end of the flight and, at last, within last minute the flight operated in the manual mode with the switched off autopilot.

I.E. before the liner has touched a surface of the Black sea, it was completely serviceable, in its tanks fuel sufficed, and the responsibility for flight laid on the pilot. All this has confirmed the version of experts that the reason of the accident is the human factor. According to the experts when the pilot started to carry out a command of the ATC' dispatcher "Stop decrease and to carry out the right turn with the climb", in conditions of the night flight above the sea, complicated with the bad weather, he has lost orientation in space.

Actually the pilot operating the plane manually on a share of second has lost orientation and has not understood where the sky is and where is a surface of water.

Thus the admitted by him the roll appeared too big to return the plane in normal position. The liner, being descended, has collided to the water surface. Last time the crew has established connections at 2.12 on local time, and approximately in 30 seconds the plane already was gone from the screens of a radar. The plane has completely collapsed and has sunk in the Black sea in several kilometers from the coast on depth more than 500 meters. All passengers onboard (105 person) and members of crew (eight persons: two pilots, one engineer and five stewards) were lost.
The investigation, as a matter of fact, is completed. Now the commission has started the complex analysis of the records of means of the objective control during which the experts will simulate a catastrophic situation on a simulator of the plane A-320. By results of practical modeling the IAC will present the final conclusion about the reason of the accident and will give the recommendation on flight safety.

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