Аn-24 has fallen on the plain place

    On a place of accident Аn-24 in Varandej the commission on investigation has started to work. Experts have already found out "black boxes" of aircraft and as minister of transport Igor Levitin has promised, on Thursday inform preliminary results.

    On Thursday morning the experts working on a place of accident of An-24 in Nenets autonomous region at settlement Varandej, have found out both "black a boxes" of the broken plane - parametrical and speech, and also other means necessary for investigation of the accident. According to minister of transport Igor Levitin, in Varandej already arrived experts of the ministry, and State department on transport supervision. There in the evening the special commission of Interstate aviation committee (IAC) and representatives of the factory - manufacturer, has taken off for Wednesday, which as is supposed, will reach a place of accident in second half of Thursday. They will engage in decoding of onboard recorders and research of fragments of an air vessel. If "black boxes"" have not suffered, results of investigation should appear in the near future.

    Levitin has promised, that already today, probably, experts can inform the preliminary information on the reasons of an air crash. While, as it is usual in such cases, three versions - the human factor, technical malfunctions and external factors are considered. For example, under the version of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the air crash could take place because of sharp call of the plane on landing. Plane An-24 started to be filled up sharply on the left when was approximately in 5 kms from the airport and went in a landing mode. As has declared agency "Interfax" a source in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, working on a place of incident, " the plane has sharply gone on landing, was hooked for one hill and ran into another ", and then has lit up. To tell the truth, why landing approach was "sharp", the rescuer could not tell. Weather conditions at this time were favorable, and a lateral wind too weak to begin the reason of such incident;

    ACRE' Comments:
it was day-time, visibility 1000 x 90 meters, wind - 4-5 meters/sec, temperature - minus 24* C.

    Experience of pilots does not cause doubts (ACRE: Why? It happened very often with the very experienced pilots), therefore while experts are declined to the version of technical malfunction. Though, as assert in airline " Regional airlines ", rented the aircraft at JSC Ltd "Kuzbassaviafracht" in 2004, "its condition in view of capital overhaul in 2002 was estimated as good". So to speak about the reasons of an air crash more confidently it will be possible only after decoding of "black boxes ".

    From 52 persons which were onboard, miracle have remained are alive only 24: the plane has burned down in few minutes. As informed "to the Newspaper.Ru" in management of Emercom of Nenets autonomous region, wounded passengers are in district hospital of Naryan-Mar where them have transported by helicopters on the eve in the evening. Some from them were operated at night. "The condition of 12 persons which have received heavy wounds and strong burns, is now estimated as stable, deterioration is not present, - the employee of management has encouraged. - Physicians speak, that their lives already outside of danger. The others 12 persons seriously have not suffered: at them bruises and small burns "

    Plane An-24RV (tail №RA-46489) operated the flight RL-9288. It has taken off from Ufa, then has taken aboard passengers in Usinsk - the next shift of workers of company "Naryanmarneftegaz" has gone to settlement of oilmen Varandej - branch of company " LUKOIL ". The final destination of flight was Naryan-Mar. The message on falling the plane has arrived from airport Varandej at 13.53 on Wednesday.