Аn-24 has fallen on the plain place

    Victims of accident of plane An-24 in Nenets autonomous region of steel 28 person. Among victims - the commander of crew and the navigator, and also employees of company "Naryanmarneftegaz". 24 persons were rescued, ten of them in a heavy condition are sent by the helicopter to Naryan-Mar.

    In Nenets autonomous region (НАО) at landing approach plane An-24 has had an accident. As informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, on his board there were 45 passengers and seven person of crew (four members of the cockpit crew, two technicians and one steward). The plane (tail nbr RA-№ 46489) operated the flight RL-9288, having taken off from Ufa. Then it has taken aboard passengers in Usinsk, and should deliver them in settlement Varandej (final destination of flight - Naryan-Mar). In Usinsk aboard the plane have risen 45 person - evening change of workers of company "Naryanmarneftegaz " has gone to settlement of oilmen Varandey - branch of company " LUKOIL ", - working on an oil deposit, informed in the press-service of administration NAO.

    At 13.42 Moscow time, when the plane was in 5 kms from airport Varandej, it unexpectedly was gone from radars. As informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the crew, probably, has gone on an emergency landing during which the plane has fallen to the left wing and has lit up.

    On a place of incident soon there arrived saving groups. According to rescuers, the plane has fallen in remote district besides search and rescue works were prevented by a strong fire. As speak in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the plane has burnt out practically completely. From the moment of failure of work on rescue of people workers of the company of "Naryanmarneftegaz" which have ordered the plane conducted.

    Approximately at 16.30 in settlement Varandej three helicopters Mi-8 from Naryan-Mar with groups of rescuers from Emercom of Nenets autonomous region have landed. Hardly later - about 17.00 - in Varandej arrived two planes An-24 - one of Arkhangelsk, other of Naryan-Mar. On them groups of rescuers and experts of the Center of medicine of accidents have arrived. In the district center in the meantime have prepared places in hospitals for victims in accident.

     As informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, from the burning plane it was possible to evacuate 24 persons. According to rescuers, 19 passengers (18 workers of company "Naryanmarneftegaz" and one manager) and five members of crew (the second pilot - trainee, two aircraft technicians, the flight mechanic and the steward) are alive. As informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, among the survived passengers and members of crew the heaviest traumas have received 10 persons. Their life now is under threat of. Helicopter Mi-8 of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia of visors of critically wounded patients also has carried them to Naryan-Mar where places in city hospitals are already prepared. In the Ministry of Emergency Measures victims name 28 persons. Rescuers while have confirmed destruction two person - the commander of crew Victor Popov and the navigator which surname is not informed, marks agency " Interfax ".

    On data of Ministry of Transport, the fallen plane belonged to company " Regional airlines " (Kemerovo). Company " Regional airlines " exists since 2002. In January, 2004 it has received the air operator certificate and from May, 2004 started its own flights. The majority of crew - inhabitants of Ulan-Ude, the others - from Novosibirsk. As informed in the press-service of Ministry of Transport, plane An-24 has been manufactured in 1972, since then has passed 10 repairs, last of which - in 2002 on an Irkutsk aviation enterprise. By the Kemerovo airline it was maintained since May, 2004. In company " Regional airlines " have in turn noted, that "its condition in view of these capital repairs is estimated as good". The plane had all licenses and sanctions for flights on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Representatives of Ministry of Transport and rescuers yet do not speak about the possible reasons of falling Аn-24. In Management of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Nenets autonomous region have noted, that weather in area of falling of the plane at the moment of accident was favorable for flights: "Temperature of air in area of settlement Varandej of -24 degrees, speed of a wind - 4-5 km/h, visibility normal. To assume, that could become the reason of falling Аn-24 while it is difficult ". In Ministry of Transport mark, that the crew of aircraft differed experience. "The commander - the pilot of 1 class Victor Popov has more than 14 thousand flight hours. The navigator and the flight mechanic - also experts of 1-st class ", - informed in department.

    For finding-out of the reasons of accident on a place experts of Ministry of Transport, and also the general director of "Regional airlines" Victor Korol, (he is included in structure of State commission on investigation of incident) have left. As have noted in Ministry of Transport, the plane has been equipped parametrical and speech with onboard recorders. "While we do not have information on their detection, but they, certainly, will be found ", - the representative of ministry has noted. The information from "black boxes" in part will help to understand with the reasons of accident.