In Kalmykia has made emergency landing flight Moscow - Elista

    In the uniеted dispatching service at 13.10 has arrived the message from the head of flights operations of Elista airport that at 14.30 Moscow time will make emergency landing passenger plane Yak-40 of airline "Rusline", operated the flight Moscow - Elista.

    As the basis for alarm that fact has served, that after a take off of the plane on the runway of airport Vnukovo there were found fragments of a tire cover of the chassis. The dispatching service of the Moscow airport informed about it the crew.

    At landing approach the aircraft having released the landing gears, has made some circles above Elista airport. " Employees of special services of the airport, having convinced, that the chassis in the order, have authorized for landing. Then Yak-40 has safely landed ", - the head of the press-service has emphasized.

    Interfax agency