In Yakutia has taken place two emergency landings of An-24 aircraft for a day (April, 29, 2005)

    Both incidents have taken place with aircraft of «Polar airlines» air company.

    The first aircraft operated the flight Yakutsk – Ust-Kuyga. On April, 27 in the morning after take off from Yakutsk, the crew has noticed damage of a windshield and has immediately made the decision on emergency landing. In 18 minutes after take-off the plane has safely landed. Onboard there were four members of crew, 25 passengers and 428 kgs of a cargo.

    On Thursday, on April, 27 at 14 o'clock 52 minutes on local time an emergency landing at the airport of polar settlement Chokurdah made one more aircraft An-24 of the same airline.

    The reason - refusal of the right engine. In 25 minutes after take-off the plane has safely landed. At the moment of incident onboard the plane there were 4 members of crew and 26 passengers, including the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from Yakutia Vitaly Basygysov.