Russian company Closed JSC "Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" (ACRE) was organized and registered by the Moscow Registration Camber, Certificate # 002.052.603 of July 23, 2001.
ACRE was set up for providing auditing, consulting and appraisal services in the field of civil aviation.

All kinds of activities permitted by competent organizations:
"The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, License # Е000374 for carrying out auditing activity (financial audit) on the territory of the Russian Federation;

"The Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation, License # 005185 of October 04, 2002 for carrying out appraisal activity on the territory of the Russian Federation;

"ISQ "International Association for Quality" - "SovАсQ", Certificate of Accreditation as the technical audit authority # SSAQ for conducting works on technical aviation audit of airlines/aviation enterprises, airports, any types of aircraft and helicopters on the territory of RF and CIS.

Technical audit is the area of the voluntary certification. This type of audit is relatively new for Russia while it's well developed overseas.
This audit is permitted by ISQ "International Association for Quality"- "SovAcQ". Certificate of Accreditation as the technical audit authority # SSAQ for conducting aviation audit' works, including Flight Safety Audits. A technical aviation audit as a service was first registered in Russia in 1999 in the Certification System "SovAcQ".

The first certified experts on technical aviation audit in the Russian Federation were the specialist presently working in JSC "Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation":
- Cherkassov А.N. - President;
- Gordeev Е.V. - Technical Director;
- Gerasimov V.F. - Executive Director;
- Danilov S.V. - Flight Department Director:
- Mikheev D.V. - Director of the Department of western aviation equipment audit.

Our specialists have rich working experience in Civil Aviation and in the field of a technical aviation audit, which is proved by corresponding certificates and licenses. The essence of a technical aviation audit is in providing independent, objective assessment of the organization of aircraft' maintenance, flight operations, aircraft' technical condition, proficiency of flight and maintenance personnel and aviation facilities' compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents acting in the Civil Aviation of the RF, the CIS and international standards.
The main clients of technical aviation audits are gas- and oil exploration companies as well as the others companies of America, European Community, Asia who works on the territory of RF/CIS: (Shell Aircraft Ltd, "British Petroleum", "Alcoa", "Rio Тinto Group", "TNK-BP", "Verkhnechonskneftegas", "Kazchrom JSC" etc.), as well as the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development that use the services of the Russian and CIS air companies for the transportation of their specialists only after conducting of Flight Safety audit.

Our company mainly focuses on the activity dealing with providing services in the field of aviation audits and consulting especially for foreign clients. ACRE constantly perfect forms and methods of upgrading quality of the above services, introduce new technology tested by us and approved by our clients.
Our database and reliable sources of information enable "Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" to carry out long term monitoring of the auditing company' flight safety. The ACRE' experts constantly get online information related to all aviation incidents and accidents, their causes and immediately inform our Clients about it.

Moreover ACRE informs its Client about all incidents and their causes with the aircraft of the same types which took place in the Civil aviation of the RF and the CIS. For example, if some air company used by our Client has got aircraft An-24, helicopters Mi-8, ACRE informs the Client about all incidents/ accidents with the above aircraft that took place in the RF/CIS and abroad.
Besides ACRE controls how air companies fulfill the recommendations and directives of the Federal Agency of Air Transport of RF (FAAT RF) required from the Operator in connection with the results of the incidents/ accidents' investigation.

The validity of aviation audits conducted by ACRE is six months. Nevertheless should ACRE conduct flight safety' monitoring of a certain air company, the validity term of the audit could be extended for another six months. In this case an ACRE' auditor goes to the air company for a 1-2 day inspection which gives our Clients a possibility not to have audits every six months and thus minimize expenses. In this situation ACRE submit an inspection report and recommendations to its Clients.
The above technology has been successfully used by us in Eastern Siberia where ACRE have been monitoring flight safety of "Angara" airlines' An-24 aircraft, "IrkutskAvia" airlines' helicopters Mi-8T at the request of RUSIA-Petroleum (Irkutsk), as well as the helicopters Mi-8T of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Kirensk Aviation Enterprise" at the request of "Verkhnechonskneftgas" (Irkutsk).
ACRE follows the same scheme working with American company "ALKOA-Russia" for which we conduct audits and monitoring of flights performed by air company "Samara" as well as some other foreign clients.

Since 2002 according to the signed agreement "Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" has been the authorized aviation auditor and aviation consultant for the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development. In May of 2006 the EBRD extended the contract with ACRE till 2009.

Only for a period since 2005 up to nowadays the ACRE' auditors have performed the audits of such air companies as "Azal" (Baku, Azerbaijan) , "SKAT" (Shimkent, Kazakhstan), "Rusline" "S-Air" (Moscow), "Angara"(Irkutsk), "IrkutskAvia" (Irkutsk),, "Samara" (Samara), "RusAir" (Moscow), SUAE "Tochikiston" (Dushanbe, Hujand, Tajikistan) , "Buryat Airlines" (Ulan-Ude), FSUE "Kirensk Aviation Enterprise" (Irkutsk district, Kirensk), FSUE "Perm Airlines"(Perm), "Vostok" Airlines" (Khabarovsk), "Kirensk Airlines", "Tatarstan" Airlines etc.

Our clients are the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the UN' Aviation Department, British Petroleum, "RUSIA Petroleum", "TNK-BP", "Alkoa" (the USA), Shell Aircraft LTD", "Kazchrom JSC" "Rio Tinto Group" and many others.
A full list of all conducted audits, research and appraisal works for the period of 2002 - 2012 can be found in section "Our Audits".

It should be noted that "Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" gets necessary permissions for conducting aviation audits on its own. Client should only send its application for an audit and approve the audit's cost.
After performing the audit the Customer gets a brief resume with the audit results within 3 days and a full audit Report in paper and electronic versions within 30 days. Most Clients prefer the audits conducted according to OGP standards (Oil - & Gas Product, Aircraft Management Guidelines), but ACRE also conducts audits according to the standards of a certain Clients, the standards of IOSA, ICAO, Russian Aviation Authorities etc.

-Alan Drew, Head, Health and Safety, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development , phone: +44-207-338-7274, mob. +44-780-251-0631;

-Paul Jeffery,
DDG Operations - RUSIA Petroleum , phone: (3952)-243671, mob. 8-902-513-2828;

-Sarunas Saltis, - ALCOA, Samara phone: 8-917-160-7777.

In conclusion I'd like to note that the practice of attracting of the foreign aviation experts for conducting audits of Russia aviation enterprises that exists in a number of foreign companies who works on the territory of Russia has no legal basis.
Under the Russian laws all foreign aviation experts must be properly accredited within the Federal Aviation Administration of the RF (the Federal Air Transport Agency). Nevertheless it doesn't happen in real life, that's why all foreign auditors conducting audits of the RF air companies bear no responsibility for the audit' results and the consequences of their recommendations.
Only "Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation" is the legitimate auditing Center for conducting aviation audits of airlines/aircraft of RF/CIS with the responsibility for the results of conducted work.

We are ready for fruitful cooperation with your organization and will be really happy should you use our services.

Respectfully yours,

Cherkassov A.N.,
"Auditing Center "Risks Evaluation",
Moscow, Russia,
phone (495)-784-06-62