Auditing Center «Risks Evaluation» (ACRE) was registered in July, 2001. Auditing Center has been ac-credited in the IPO “International Association of Quality» – «SovAsK» and received a Certificate of accredita-tion as a Body on technical aviation audit (BTAA). With the help of technical aviation audits ACRE reduces the possible risks in the services provided by Airlines during flight operations or aerial works in the interests of the Customers.

The 20-years anniversary of auditing activ-ity ACRE meets with the following figures. We performed audits of 217 Airlines/Aviation Enter-prises in Russia, CIS, and foreign countries. The total 1027 aircraft have been actually checked, which includes 539 helicopters of domestic and foreign manufacturers & 488 aircraft of domes-tic and foreign manufacturers, such as Boeing B-737/757/767 and Airbus A320/321/319, Bom-bardier, Embraer, L-410, IL-86/IL-96, Tu-154/Tu-134, Yak-40/42 etc. The log-books and on-board documentation of 1027 aircraft were inspected which means thousands of log-books of fuse-lages, engines, main gearboxes of helicopters, auxiliary power units, Certificates of Registration, Airworthiness certificates, different permissions etc.). The ACRE Experts inspected the status of the ongoing and periodic training of more than 10,000 pilots, flight-mechanics, and navigators. As the result around 600 flight specialists (Cpts, Co-pilots, flight-engineers/mechanics) were tem-porarily not recommended to our Customers for use.The team of Auditing Center “Risks Evaluation” is proud not only of these figures, but more importantly of the fact that after our audits the Airlines were not reported to have any accidents/incidents associated with failure of aircraft or ac-tions approved by us aircrew members of the audited Airlines. This is the main purpose of our work – supporting the high level of flight safety for all customers